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Searching for a roofing contractor in Bradford, Ontario? You’ve come to the right place. Having more than twenty years of experience in roofing, we are your trusted roofing experts. As the best installers of durable and attractive roofs, we consider ourselves to be the best.

Our staff is skilled and knowledgeable about roofing services and can provide people in Bradford with all kinds of products and services. Our qualified technicians can service any type of roof on any property, whether it is a home or business in Bradford.

Roof Repair

There are many issues that can arise with a roof, the main one being leaks. Your roof leaking can seriously damage your home. Among the possible problems could be mold, poor insulation, wood rooting, and roof sagging. Let us fix any leak you have.

We will determine if the leak is there and fix it. We can also repair rotten parts on your roof, or fix any gutter, flashing or fascia board damage.

Residential Roofing

Our company installs all types of roofs. In addition to shingle roofs and metal roofs, we also install tile roofs. Our team is committed to using only the best materials made in the state by local producers for your roof.

Some minor roof repairs are required, such as replacing missing shingles and fixing corroded metal panels, broken gutters, and damaged flashing. Problems with a roof can arise in a variety of ways. You may call us to have your repairs done quickly and effectively.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial properties need roofs even more than homes do. You must have a durable and beautiful roof if you want clients. Your building’s roof will help make it more emergency-friendly.

Metal roofs can be installed on commercial buildings, as well as flat roofs. You can trust us for roofs to cover shops, restaurants, industrial facilities, warehouses, or any other commercial place.

Gutters and Eavestrough

Your gutters are responsible for draining rainwater from your building. If the gutter is clogged or damaged, the water will seep into the pillars, fascia board and eventually the structural members of the house.

As a result, wood may rot and mold may develop. If needed, we also specialize in fixing broken gutters and cleaning dirty clogged gutters.

Metal Roofing

For installing metal roofs on your home or business, we are considered to be one of the best companies in the industry. Roofing manufacturers in our area offer warranties.

There are a variety of metal roof styles, and you can choose the one most suitable for your needs. We can help you if you’re not sure what kind of roof you want.

Roofing Inspection

As part of a roof service, it is important to perform roof inspections. Down here, we cannot observe the roof. Since you cannot see your roof, it is impossible to see its condition. To inspect the roof, our team has the necessary equipment.

It is our goal to climb the roof and inspect the problem closely. Our team will let you know if we notice any problems, so you can decide how to proceed.

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