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It is your roof that keeps you protected from the elements. It will also keep your property in great shape if you make sure it is beautiful and always in good repair. Keep your roof in good condition if you want your house to remain structurally sound.

Providing quality roof services at affordable prices is our goal at Aurora. We install roofs, make repairs, install metal roofs, etc. Whatever your roof needs may be, we can assist you.

Roof Repair

We will be able to help you if your roof is damaged. Regardless of what type of roof issue you have, we can fix it. No matter if there are missing shingles, broken tiles, rusted metal areas, or decaying wooden shakes. If you have roof gutter, facia board, or flashing problems, we can assist you.

We offer leak proofing services if your roof leaks. In addition to providing repair services, we can also replace complete roofs.

Residential Roofing

We can help you with any roof repair services you need. All types of residential roofs are within our experience. Our services cover everything from shingle roofs to tile roofs to metal roofs.

Residential roofs are something we specialize in, so we work with our best people to give you an attractive and durable roof that will provide a solid foundation for your house.

Commercial Roofing

Metal roofs and flat roofs are common for commercial buildings. Rubber roofs that need to be re roofed are not a problem for us. Our roofing technicians will inspect your roof and perform re-roofing or roof replacement as necessary.

Roofing for commercial properties is something we have done for years. If you are searching for a company that is experienced when it comes to installing commercial roofs, then contact us today.

Gutters and Eavestrough

Your gutters or eaves may leak, have holes, be bent, loose, or damaged in some other way. If the gutter is broken, it may leak all over your house and property. A burst pipe could cause your property to flood. It is possible to replace or repair the gutter as soon as possible so it works again.

Metal Roofing

A wide range of factors contribute to why many building managers and homeowners prefer metal roofs. Durability is among the most important factors.

Roofs made from metal are considerably more durable than those made from shingles and tiles. Fire and water-resistant, they can withstand weather and climatic conditions. A rust-resistant coating is available for metal roofs on the market.

Roofing Inspection

A regular roof inspection is vital for your home because it helps spot problems early and prevent further damage. Roofing inspectors can detect flaws in the roof structure before moisture damage is caused to your property.

For commercial or residential roofs, our team has the tools and skills to inspect them. Correctly examining the problems can prevent them from becoming major problems.

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